Volunteer at a Recruitment Fair

Share your experience with a potential applicant

Oxford Brookes alumni are valuable champions for the University. As you know, International students are critical to who we are.

Recruitment fairs happen year-round, across the world. Wherever you are, you can volunteer to raise the profile of Oxford Brookes. Your success, both at Brookes and after graduation, is a valuable endorsement of the Oxford Brookes experience. Also, you can share your own personal experience of being an international student in England and share that with potential applicants.

Why alumni?

The feedback from those who have chosen to come from abroad is that speaking to alumni helped them choose Brookes. They've highlighted that:

  • You're able to talk to students about your experience
  • You can speak to the students in their own language
  • You can encourage the students because you have done it yourself
  • Potential students feel more comfortable speaking to someone to whom they can relate
  • Alumni are seen as more impartial than an International Officer of the University

How to volunteer

To see where and when our International Officers are visiting your country or area, see the Scheduled Visits for the International Office.