Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP) Scholarships

Have you ever felt your donations to situations of need or emergency can never go far enough? Donating to a CENDEP scholarship means your gift will work in partnership with a Brookes student to make a difference for a lifetime.

Brookes has a global reputation as one of the top places to train in humanitarian aid and offers courses in Development and Emergency Practice, Humanitarian Action and Conflict and Shelter After Disaster.

CENDEP is full of dedicated and impressive people. Many students make considerable sacrifices, both financially and personally, to be on the course and are passionate about improving the lives of others. Their stories speak for themselves.

With your support we can set up scholarships towards course fees for CENDEP students like Abel, who will go on to make a difference in situations of real need – for life.

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Abel Sube, MA in Development and Emergency Practice

Brookes Alumni Fund Scholar 2014 - 15


Abel is from war-torn South Sudan, and in addition to his own two children he also takes care of six nieces and nephews of lost siblings.  It is a privilege to talk with him and hear his commitment to the women and children of his country, who are the most vulnerable and usually the first victims of abuse in the war.  While their rights are written into law, those laws are not put into practice.  Through his exiting links with national and international organisations, and his training and qualification from Brookes, Abel hopes to work to make these laws effective to protect and support the most vulnerable.