Abel Sube: MA in Development and Emergency Practice, 2014-15

Abel's story

Abel comes from war-torn South Sudan, and in addition to his own two children is also looking after six nieces and nephews of lost siblings. 

It is a pleasure to talk with Abel, who is an inspiring individual.  He is deeply committed to improving the lives of the people in his home country of South Sudan.  In order to be here at Brookes he had to save up enough money to support and educate his family while he is away.  However he considers the sacrifice of being away to be worth it in order to be more effective on his return. 

Abel is particularly concerned for those most vulnerable to the violence his land has suffered for so long, and so wants to work to improve the situation for women and children.  While their rights are written into law, those laws are not put into practice.  Through his existing links with national and international organisations, and his training and qualification from Brookes, Abel hopes to work to make these laws effective to protect and support those who most need it.  He also sees the need to empower women by setting up programmes and businesses to enable them to provide for their families, and to have more standing in their communities.

As Abel talks of the complicated issues his country is facing, the need for commitment and sacrifice on the part of those who want to help, and his hopes for the future, his potential impact on his return becomes increasingly clear.  Without the support of the Brookes Alumni Fund he would not have been able to come here to study.  Thanks to the generosity of Brookes alumni he will be working to make a difference for a lifetime.