Student opportunities


During their time here many students want to take the opportunity to make a positive impact on the local or global community.

With a little funding it is extraordinary what the vision and commitment of students can achieve.

Over the last few years some amazing community projects have been brought to life by students.  Last year Amy started up a wheelchair basketball club for disabled and able-bodied people from the local community to take part in the sport together, and this year Martin has put in many voluntary hours to convert a cowshed into a pottery for use by the public!  You can read about these and other inspiring projects students have been enabled to run, which have benefitted the local or University community.


The ‘Passion to Action’ programme has also been very successful this year.  Students have been encouraged, trained and enabled to scope and set up programmes such as Fluid Motion, which is piloting a scheme to provide affordable physiotherapy support through tailored hydrotherapy classes in local pools.


The opportunities these students receive through your support can enable them to become significant change-makers.


Your donation really can change lives

Mona is part of a team who have developed The Knowledge Project.  This is a multi-level endeavour designed to provide affordable (and fun!) evening classes to local adults, whilst at the same time giving post-graduate students invaluable teaching experience.  In addition, the profits go to support a charity giving tutoring to local children for whom English is a second language, so the benefits are spread even further into the community.

"Setting up a project like this brings you into contact with so many wonderful and passionate individuals.  I can’t begin to quantify how important this experience has been for my professional and personal experience, and the skills I’ve developed will continue to be used throughout my life.”