Passion to Action

Social Entrepreneurship Awards

'Passion to Action' is a new initiative at Oxford Brookes to train, support and mentor students who will be tomorrow’s change-makers and leaders in social enterprise

Social Entrepreneurs have the passion to want to make a positive change to something they care about, and through ‘Passion to Action’ they receive the support and input they need to start to develop sustainable solutions to local and global issues.

The programme is structured with the intention to develop the person, not just a project, with an emphasis on being passionate about an issue. That passion can then be channelled into a project. "You don't need to come to this programme with any business skills. You need passion, a determination to try and a commitment.” Roberto Daniele, OBSEA Programme Lead and Faculty Champion for Business

The fundamental concept for Social Entrepreneurship is to develop a solution which is business-based and therefore has the potential to be sustainable. When participants get together on the programme, whether with each other, expert speakers or mentors, enthusiasm is contagious and ideas flow.

The students also have the opportunity to pitch for cash awards at different levels to enable them to explore their ideas further, develop ideas that are proven to be viable, or to build on an already running small-scale or part-time social enterprise in order to make it a permanent and sustainable initiative. At each stage they can receive further mentoring and support if needed. You can read here about some of the award winning pitches.

The Brookes Alumni Fund funding will particularly support cash awards to help students explore and develop their ideas. Your donation can help release someone’s passion for change and turn them into a change-maker in their own right.

The impact of ‘Passion to Action’ on participants is profound:

"Passion to Action programme has completely changed my life." Ben Wilkins, OBSEA Award Winner
"This has opened up for me a possible career that is very much related to and rooted in what I love doing. I feel like I have a responsibility now which I didn’t have before, because once you recognise that there is something wrong, or a space or a gap, it is encumbent on you to step up and fill it and actually be the person who makes the change".  Kirini Kopcke, OBSEA Award Winner