Student Impact Fund


In 2008 we asked Oxford Brookes alumni to give their support to a new initiative to be known as the Student Innovation Fund. The rationale for the fund was simple: to provide financial backing to those students who were keen to enhance their university experience by fulfilling a project idea. Their project idea.

At the start of 2010 it was decided to rename the fund the Student Community Fund with the intention of widening access to the fund and more accurately reflecting the types of projects our students wanted to be involved in. As there is no other source of funding available to students for these types of initiatives we are enormously grateful to all our alumni who give to this fund. With their support, students have the opportunity to gain some really valuable life skills to complement their academic learning.

The fund is now known as the Student Impact Fund and has been widened so all our students can apply whether they are based in Oxford or undertaking their Brookes studies or coursework elsewhere. Applications should benefit the University or the wider community or residents local to where a student is carrying out their studies. They must be extra-curricular projects, not connected to or supporting any aspect of academic study, and must incorporate the University's Guiding Principles, which are as follows:

  • Generosity of Spirit
  • Confidence
  • Enterprising Creativity
  • Connectedness

To date, over forty projects have been supported with over £15,000 of investment.

Applying to the fund

You will be able to apply to the fund for support for your project from Saturday 17 September.

Click to see the Terms and Conditions and more information on the Guiding Principles.