Student support

Today’s students are tomorrow’s experts

Postgraduate students go on to become those we will rely on as the experts and world changers of tomorrow - those we will call on to make breakthroughs in health, climate change, conservation, addressing global food shortages, fuels and technology for the future, humanitarian aid… and much more.

Through giving your support to enable them to study, you can become part of what these students will go on to achieve in life.

With your help we want to provide scholarships towards postgraduate course fees. Your donation will enable a student to fulfil their ambition to do further study and research, and will also contribute to the vital resource of knowledge and expertise in the world.

By partnering with students through your support you are not just changing their lives, you are becoming part of the solutions and advances they will go on to make. Please give your support to a student:

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“I think the Brookes Alumni Fund is fantastic and I am really grateful to the alumni who have given. I was seriously doubting whether I could afford to do this MSc, so the scholarship has allowed me to be there and opened exciting future possibilities”.Chris Wiggs – MSc in Primate Conservation Brookes Alumni Fund Scholar 2014-15

With your help, amazing opportunities can be given to students which they would otherwise struggle to afford. Chris has been working for primate conservation charities, but has had a longing to have a greater impact.  Having worked in Indonesia he has first-hand experience of the conflict between conservation and industry, and how that can be obstructive and counterproductive to both.  He has a strong vision for finding ways to enable industry and environmentalists to work together for the benefit of both animals and humans.

Research support

The Brookes Alumni Fund also provides funds for which doctoral students can apply for additional expenses incurred during their course and research. Expenses or activities often cannot be anticipated before the research gets underway, but can be key to their success. It can be a real struggle for students to find these extra funds, when their resources are already stretched. Extra support can create the difference between good and outstanding research.