The CLEAR Unit

Improving the quality of life

The Clinical Exercise and Rehabilitation (CLEAR) Unit, run by the Oxford Brookes Movement and Science Team, is making huge improvements in the quality of life of people with conditions like multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis/osteoarthritis, cerebral palsy, COPD, hypertension, obesity, diabetes and chronic heart disease.


The team are also experienced in working with frail and elderly people, as well as those who have had strokes, amputations and spinal cord injuries.

The CLEAR Unit provides its users with practical, uniquely tailored, exercise regimes to help transform and improve the way they carry out their every day lives. Staff at the CLEAR Unit also train exercise practitioners to take these innovative exercise techniques out to groups of disabled people across the UK. Furthermore, the CLEAR Unit is currently at the forefront of research into new approaches to safe exercise for conditions ranging from the common to the extremely rare.

A donation to the CLEAR Unit would help further this revolutionary work and allow more people to experience the benefits the unit brings.

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