Brookes+ crowdfunding

Crowdfunding for Oxford Brookes students and staff - apply now!

Brookes+ empowers students and staff to enhance the student experience at Brookes. It allows members of the University to find the funding they need to explore their interests and enhance our community through creative and innovative projects; and it enables alumni and friends of the University to come together to support a project that means something to them.

Brookes+ is a project from the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO); the platform is hosted by hubbub, who specialise in crowdfunding for education.

Our pilot project, Our Words, reached its target in less than a month!

How does it work?

  • First, check the criteria below to make sure your project is right for Brookes+.
  • Build your crowdfunding page online, outlining your idea, the target amount you need and the rewards you will offer supporters.
  • Once your page is approved, it will go live and you can begin promotion! We recommend that projects should run for 4-6 weeks to help you create a buzz around your idea.
  • Send emails, use Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites to get your message out there!

What kinds of projects are suitable for Brookes+?

  • Crowdfunding projects must be run by a member of Oxford Brookes University.
  • Projects can be about anything – but they should focus on the benefit they will provide to students, the University, or the wider community.
  • Remember that Oxford Brookes Social Entrepreneur Awards (OBSEA) provide support for students wishing to start social enterprises.

Why use Brookes+?

  • The Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) will share and promote all projects to alumni and other contacts via our social networks so your project will be shared with a wider University audience.
  • Brookes+ uses University branding, so donors will be reassured that your project has the backing of the University.
  • There is a processing fee for sponsors so you may want to add a little extra to your target amount as well.
  • As well as access to specialist support from hubbub, projects who fundraise through the platform, will benefit from the personal support of a new Brookes+ Ambassador
  • You may also be able to make contact with alumni who can offer relevant advice and support for your project.
  • Brookes+ will help DARO reach more alumni and also engage recent graduates and will also help us introduce the University to a new audience.
  • Your projects will be a great way to showcase the varied and interesting projects, research and activities that take place at Brookes.
  • Please note that it usually takes at least two weeks to transfer funds, so bear this in mind when setting your deadline.

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