Help the music department work in harmony once more!

Music at Oxford Brookes University has flourished impressively in the last few years and we have seen some fantastic achievements as seen in the Guardian University Guide. We run 49 concerts and gigs each year. This includes over 270 hours of rehearsals in a 24 week period.

It is clear that our students are excellent, but unfortunately, our pianos are not!

Success has been achieved despite our students having to practice, rehearse and perform on old and damaged grand pianos. Our four grand pianos are in extremely poor condition and the regular maintenance and tuning they require is very costly, meaning that many of them are off key. They are too old and already too worn to be moved, and as a result, students are unable to use grand pianos in performances outside of practice rooms. Due to location, only one piano is available for rehearsals, making it extremely difficult for students to learn music and rehearse effectively before performances.

Therefore, we are hoping to raise fund £7,000 to purchase a new grand piano.

A new piano will benefit music students, staff and the wider University community in numerous ways.

  • We can offer a first class music education to all our students
  • Students will be able to rehearse, compose and perform on industry standard equipment that reflects the high quality and excellence of their work
  • We will be able to attract the best prospective students
  • More provision for non-music students and non-music societies

We know from speaking to students and alumni that the new pianos are very much needed and will be well used and well loved by our community here. Please help us reward the hard work and dedication of the music students by making a donation to the Grand Piano fund and enable us to buy a new piano.

Follow the links on the right to give what you can to help us make a real difference to our students’ experience of music at Oxford Brookes University.