Law Scholarships in Legal Practice

A legal system is not merely a good in itself; it is an indispensable way in which a society provides public benefits such as justice, efficiency, and holding the state to account.

We are currently seeking partners to provide Scholarships to support exceptional students in joining the LLM (Master of Laws) in Legal Practice PG DIP course.

Our distinctive LLM in Legal Practice enables legal professionals to develop a critical distance from the day to day demands of their legal practice, supporting them in their development as reflective practitioners. The rigorous analytical framework, conjoined with the practical focus and impact of our programme equips practitioners to make a greater impact on their own legal system. This is particularly so in small jurisdictions; but, whatever the size of the jurisdiction, the programme facilitates practitioners in bringing diverse perspectives to bear on the development of a legal profession whose profile so often does not adequately reflect the communities it serves.

Part of the Brookes’ vision is to widen participation in higher education, and to make a real difference to the local, national, and global communities that we serve through producing graduates set to, in the words of John Henry Brookes, “lead lives of consequence”.

The School of Law is particularly interested in developing Scholarships which would support exceptional students from communities not properly represented in the upper echelons of their national legal profession; exceptional students who have had to overcome particular challenges to achieve all they have within their careers so far; and exceptional students facing new challenges which the LLM programme can enable them to meet.

  • LLM Paula

    Paula Jemmott, LLM in Legal Practice (Distinction), 2013

    “I highly recommend the programme to lawyers seeking a Masters of Law degree. I hope to use my qualification to assist local and / or International organizations in legal research necessary for the further development of Caribbean jurisprudence”.

  • LLM Irfan

    Irfan Chatta, LLM in Legal Practice, 2013

    “The environment and facilities for study and research are exceptional. The faculty was very cooperative, caring and intellectually demanding. I never felt away from home while studying and living at Oxford Brookes. Overall it was a beautiful experience."

  • LLM Elliot

    Elliot Fry, LLM in Legal Practice (Distinction), 2012

    “The LLM gave me an opportunity to develop my extended writing skills. Balancing my LLM with a full time job meant that I improved my time management skills.”

  • LLM Joss

    Joss Richardson, LLM in Legal Practice (Distinction), 2011

    “I definitely feel the LLM marks me out from other lawyers, and it is often a talking point with clients.

For further details of this scheme, please contact Professor Peter Edge