Why should I give to a university?

Many people wonder why it is worth giving to a university. "There are other, better causes I could give to." And yet it is universities, like Oxford Brookes, which are training the specialists who will be able to work towards answers for the questions and concerns we all have.

Think about what you consider to be the top concerns in the world today. In many or all of these, solutions are being sought and found by experts working in or trained by universities. Our academics and students are involved in top-level research, working with charities and research institutions from around the world, making progress in areas of concern to all of us.

Student stories

Our students are training to become the experts of the future – those we will rely on to make breakthroughs in health, climate change, conservation, addressing global food shortages, fuels and technology for the future, humanitarian aid, building stronger families, advances in education … and much more. Today’s students are tomorrow’s experts.

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These are just some of the areas where Brookes is working towards meeting some of the top concerns and questions in the world today.

  • Munira Kadhim, Professor in Radiation Biology,

    Understanding cancer

    Munira Kadhim and her team have been working to understand how we are affected by different types of radiation. This will have profound implications for understanding how cancer is triggered and treated.

  • Photosynthesis allows plants to convert sunlight into food

    World food shortage and bioenergy

    World food shortage and bioenergy
    Scientists in the UK and USA, including a team from Oxford Brookes University, are working together to improve the process of photosynthesis which could significantly increase the yield of crops for food production or sustainable bioenergy.

  • Phil Willis MP with Formula student car

    Hybrid fuel

    Students on the Motorsport Engineering course have developed a hybrid racing car as part of their efforts to work towards a greener future. The car runs on petrol and the energy which would otherwise have been wasted when braking. That energy is stored and called on when needed.

  • Intelligent "cat's eyes"

    Intelligent cat's eyes

    Dr Shumao Ou and Dr Peter Ball from the Computing and Communication Technologies Department are developing a new cat's eye that will improve road safety and give feedback on road conditions.

  • Humanitarian aid and tackling poverty

    Humanitarian aid and tackling poverty

    The Oxford Brookes Masters in Development and Emergency Practice is recognised as a world leader. Hundreds of alumni are now playing a vital role in government, NGO and UN agencies in many of the world’s most difficult places.

  • Primate conservation


    We have a world class Primate Conservation course. Nearly half of all primates are now endangered globally, a threat that impinges on human survival as primates are vital seed dispersers in the rainforest.

  • Education and families

    Education and families

    Brookes has developed sector-leading training for those who work with the youngest age groups, and with gifted and talented pupils. We also work in partnerships to identify those who may be struggling in class through the DASH project, to support families in trouble through the Strengthening Families Programme, and research how technology is aiding literacy in deaf children.