Education and families

Education and families

Oxford Brookes recognises the importance of establishing a strong educational foundation for young children and has been working to improve their quality of learning.

Qualification levels at this level, in the sector, have traditionally been low but Brookes is providing foundation and further degrees which allow practitioners working with young children to demonstrate excellence in practice.

Brookes has recently launched the Centre for Educational Consultancy and Development offering a range of consultancy and training programmes building long term relationships with schools, colleges and nurseries.

Also in the area of education, Anna Barnett (Professor of Psychology) has developed the DASH (Detailed Assessment of Speed Handwriting) for children aged 9-16 years, with an extension for students aged 17-25. This tool, available from the publisher Pearson Assessment, helps teachers spot students with slow handwriting so they can plan how best to support them in the classroom and in written exams.

Strengthening Families Programme

Families in trouble can lack support when they need it most. Oxford Brookes is reaching out to these families through the Strengthening Families Programme. 10-14 (UK).

The programme works with young teenagers and their parents to cut the risk of poor behaviour or drug and alcohol misuse. Having adapted a highly successful US programme for the UK, Brookes staff are now delivering this programme through the My Strong Family Consultancy and have trained hundreds of others to do so across the country.

‘The effect of the Strengthening Families Programme on some of the most challenging families has been a privilege to witness.’ Jacci Spashett, Senior Parenting Practitioner.

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