Understanding cancer

Munira Kadhim, Professor in Radiation Biology,

Munira Kadhim, Professor in Radiation Biology, and her team have been working to understand how radiation can damage the genomes which carry our genetic information and how this can be passed on to cells in future, causing cancer.

Flight crews and medical staff can receive far higher levels of radiation exposure. The team’s answers to how we are affected by different types of radiation will have profound implications for understanding how cancer is triggered and treated and the risks of radiation exposure.

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In a different study Dr Ryan Pink has been working on the molecular basis for maize being a risk factor in oesophageal cancer in the Transkei region of South Africa.

He has recently been asked by a Parliamentary Scientific Committee to present his research at a House of Commons event.

And on a more personal level, Helen Stradling (MSc Health Care Practice) recently won the Nursing Times Cancer Nurse Leader of the Year award. Helen said she would use the title to raise awareness of cancer.

In the Oxford Times a patient of Helen’s referred to her as ‘a life saver, a counsellor and most importantly a friend’. Helen believes that the key to her role is building relationships with patients so that they can come to her with any problem.